Class-Action Lawsuit Allows Google Pixel Owners to Receive Compensation Upto $500

Google Pixel manufactured and sold before January 4th, 2017, had the faulty mic. With a class-action lawsuit against Google over the replacement of the devices having Faulty mics, the users can claim for a compensation upto $500. All of the users who have purchased the device on or before January 4th, 2017 and not received a replacement of refurbished units are eligible for compensation. Google will provide benefit ranging from $20 to $500 for the Google Pixel Devices with Faulty Mic.

Google has started taking the compensation claims from the US residents of the Google Pixel smartphone users, who are facing the Faulty mic issues. After knowing about the problem, the company started recalling the devices and replaced the entire device or just fixed the faulty mic. But lots of people did not receive the replacement or the refurbished units. To claim compensation, the US Resident users of Pixel devices will have to provide appropriate documentation. If the user has faced Faulty Mic issue, then he can claim $350 in compensation. If the user has confronted the problem in Multiple devices, then he can claim $500 in compensation. If the user has used the Insurance deductible to replace a faulty device, then Google will compensate the insurance amount.

Google is accepting the claims until October 7th, 2019. If anyone wants to claim for compensation, he has to do it before the date mentioned above or file a separate lawsuit. Also, the victims of Faulty Mic issue with Pixel devices are advised to claim as soon as possible. If the funds allotted for the compensation runs out, then the company will compensate on a prorated basis. Standard compensation of $350 is applicable for most of the customers, as the amount covers most of the cost incurred to purchase the Pixel 3a device.