apple giving $1 million reward for hacking special iphone device

Apple Giving $1 Million Reward for Hacking Special iPhone Device

Apple is very serious about the security of the iPhone and iPad devices. Recently, many of the security companies and the individual bug hunters have found vulnerabilities in iOS-based devices, that forced Apple to take the security of the platform more seriously. To test the security of the platform and find the bugs and vulnerabilities, the company is giving away a Special iPhone to the hackers and companies. With the special iPhone, the companies and hackers will get the chance to win $1 million in prices for finding the bugs and vulnerabilities.

Last week, Apple put the challenge against the Cybersecurity firms and hackers at Black Rock cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. The company gave the interested candidates a brand new iPhone with advanced debug capabilities, which is hard to hack. The interested candidates can attack the software on the iPhone and get access to the device and execute the code. If anyone gets success in breaching the impenetrable security of the device, the company is ready to give $1 million in rewards. In these special iPhones, the company has unlocked the special components of the iOS that are not available in the commercial units of the device.

The iOS Security Research Device Program will kick off from next year, and the few selected security researchers and attackers will receive the special iPhone for testing. Apple will consider qualified security researchers, firms, and renowned Ethical hackers to test the penetration and vulnerabilities of the iPhone. Even though the special devices are more open from a software point of view, they are not fully accessible to the source code level. Not just this program, currently Apple is giving rewards to anyone who can find the Vulnerabilities or bugs in iOS 13 beta program. In numbers, Apple is willing to pay upto $500,000 for information about the bugs and vulnerabilities.