adobe is launching new ios app for painting on ipad

Adobe is Launching New iOS App for Painting on iPad

Adobes much-awaited Painting and Illustration app for iOS devices like the iPad and iOS is coming late this year. Adobe Fresco is the new Painting and Illustration app for iPad. With this app, Adobe has added the AI Smart feature that will allow the users to use Digital tools like Paintbrushes and strokes. Adobe has released the pre-release version of Adobe Fresco app for the tech experts and asking for comments. With this app, the painters and artists could get access to realistic painting tools.

The UI of Adobe Fresco app is pretty similar to that of Adobe Photoshop for iPad. Adobe Photoshop for iPad is available in Beta version and is not yet released publically. With all the important painting tools like brushes, lasso, cut, paste, eraser, and other stuff, nothing is missing. There are many sub-tools present in this app, like selection tool, lasso tool, paint bucket, magic wand, etc. These are not commonly used in Painting apps, but Adobe wants to give a full-fledged painting and image illustration capabilities to the users. The interface is familiar for those who have been using Adobe’s Desktop apps for a long time. Even though the UI is similar, there are subtle differences in terms of visual appearance on the iOS ecosystem.

Fortunately, Adobe is integrating the Adobe Tools flow with the Fresco app, so the people with Adobe Cloud subscription can easily transfer projects from one software to another. As of now, the Beta or Testing version of Fresco app does not support Adobe Creative Cloud fully but does support basic functionality. But it does support Illustrator friendly vector designs and Photoshop friendly brushes and patterns. With Apple Pencil on iPad Pro devices, the artists will have leisurely experience using Adobe’s Fresco app. The company is expected to release the app later this year.